EOP513 Fourier Optics Assignment 6

  1. Measure the appropriate features of the diffraction pattern of a hand holding a dime and determine the distance from the dime to the observation plane.

  2. Find the width (distance from center to first minimum) of the diffraction pattern at focus for a 5-mm square aperture placed 50 mm in front of a 400-mm focal length lens illuminated by a diverging beam of wavelength 0.5 μm originating 600 mm in front of the lens.

  3. Do problems 5-7, 5-8, and 5-9 from the textbook. Use Matlab in problem 5-7.

  4. The output of an argon laser is described in the plane z = z1 by the expression below

    Given the total beam power Ptot = 100 mW, l = 488 nm, b1 = 1 mm, and R1 = 5 m:

    1. Find the location of the beam waist and the radius of the beam at the waist.
    2. Find the locations for which |R2| is a minimum, find the value of b2 at these points, and find the value of |R2|min.
    3. If we now let z12 = 2 m, find the description of u2(r), i.e. find A2, b2 and R2.

  5. Given the argon beam described in the previous problem, suppose that a microscope objective (focal length 6 mm) is placed 20 mm from the laser and a positive lens of focal length f = 80 mm and diameter dl = 20 mm is placed 80 mm from the focus of the microscope objective.
    1. Find the location and size of the next beam waist.
    2. Find the Rayleigh range associated with this waist.
    3. Find the position at which the lens just intercepts 99% of the beam power.
    4. Find the location and size of the next beam waist.

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