ECE564 Spring 2019

This schedule will be filled in as we go along. It should be considered flexible and subject to change

1Mon 14-Jan Introduction to this course and Computer Vision
(see slides

2Wed 16-Jan MATLAB functions imfinfo, imread, imshow, imcrop, imresize
Download   image coordinates
MATLAB functions impixel and imdistline (see

Mon 21-Jan Martin Luther King day
3Wed 23-Jan geolocation (see

5Wed 30-Jan
6Mon 04-Feb
7Wed 06-Feb

8Wed 11-Feb

9Mon 13-Feb

10Wed 15-Feb

11Mon 20-Feb

12Mon 25-Feb

13Wed 27-Feb

14Mon 04-Mar

15Wed 06-Mar

16Mon 11-Mar

17Wed 13-Mar

18Mon 18-Mar

19Wed 20-Mar

20Mon 25-Mar

21Wed 27-Mar
22Mon 01-Apr

23Wed 03-Apr

24Mon 08-Apr

25Wed 10-Apr

26Mon 15-Apr

27Wed 17-Apr

Mon 22-Apr Easter break
28Wed 24-Apr Stander Symposium
29Mon 29-Apr
30Wed 01-May