ECE 564 Computer Vision Assignment 6

Submit the usual HTML documentation and source code on Isidore. Download files from Isidore.

  1. Use the first three images from CV2017-03-06 to find their vanishing points and determine how well they define a horizon line. You may use the corner data from corners1.mat.

  2. Use the photograph 2017-03-06_0007.JPG and camera intrinsics obtained earlier to find the target board extrinsics. Determine the location of the camera and checkerboard relative to the hallway. You can use the corner data in corners2.mat. Calculate the “look-down” of the camera and compare to the photographs taken of the camera.

  3. Construct a tform to show a top-view of the hallway from 2017-03-06_0007.JPG. Use the same tform to warp 2017-03-06_0010.JPG and 2017-03-06_0011.JPG.

  4. Construct a layout drawing similar to the one shown below, showing the geometry of the hallway, the position and orientation of the camera and the bottom of the camera field of view.

  5. Given a triangle represented by three principal vanishing points, write a MATLAB code to determine the orthocenter and distances d1 and d2 for each vertex. Check that the focal length formula gives the same result for each case.

  6. Write a MATLAB function to determine the Euler line of a triangle. Demonstrate that the three centers do in fact lie on the Euler line (see references)

  7. Use to construct an “ortho triangle” to determine the orthocenter (principal point) and focal length of the camera. Compare to the MATLAB camera calibration you performed in asgn 5.

    Construct a diagram similar to the example below.


Orthocenter of a triangle (Wikipedia)
Orthocenter (with animation) (Math Open Reference)
Euler line (Wikipedia)
Euler line (Math Open Reference)