ECE 564 Computer Vision Assignment 2

Submit HTML documentation on Isidore.

  1. Construct a cube model, preferably including your picture on one of the faces. See example surface demo 2

  2. Using images from Isidore resources (, find the effective focal length of the camera and the horizontal field of view. See calculating focal length.

    The squares of the target board are 3 inches in size. The MATLAB code below lists the nominal distances of the camera to the target (with an unknown fixed offset)

    z = [4:2:20 20 22:2:28]*12; % units are inches

  3. Write a MATLAB script that uses ginput to get three arbitrary points and then produces the diagram shown below. As an extra challenge, superimpose this figure over an underlying image, using color to make the annotation stand out. Use axis equal to insure the same scale in both x and y directions.

  4. Given three arbitrary 3D points, write a MATLAB script that calculates the unit normal vector to the plane determined by those points. The vector should be oriented by the right-hand rule. If your fingers curl from point 1 to point 2 to point 3, then your thumb should point in the direction of the normal vector.

  5. Write a MATLAB script that uses plot3 to draw a sprial similar to that shown below. Then show an orthographic projection. (see vis1.m)

  6. Read chapter 11 from Peter Corke, Robotics, vision and control: fundamental algorithms in MATLAB,
    Springer, c2011. ISBN 978-3-642-20143-1 [UD library electronic resource]

    You will need his Robot and Vision toolboxes from his toolboxes page. Documentation for the toolboxes may be found in Machine Vision Toolbox Reference and Robotics Toolbox Reference

    Download the MATLAB code from chapter 11: chapter 11 code. Please create a MATLAB script, that generates a nicely formatted version of this code, including explanations from the textbook as necessary to understand the theory behind the code. Do not include a copy of rvctools in your submission.

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