ECE 538 Assignment 11

Your submission should follow our general guidelines. Please follow object-oriented principles. Include an executable jar file for each program.

  1. Extend your circuit analysis program (from asgn10 Q1) to handle both voltage sources and current sources, such as the example below, and calculate the unknown node values. Display your results in a TextArea. Create a JMenubar with File and Help menus. The File menu should have Open, Save As and Exit menu items. Open should bring up a JFileChooser (in current directory) to select a netlist. Save As should bring up a JFileChooser to select an output file that contains the text from the TextArea.

    Your program should also be capable of running with command line arguments of the form.

    java -jar Prog1.jar  netlist_file  [output_file]
    The second command line argument should be optional.

    The LTSpice version of the circuit below (and results) can be downloaded from

    R1 2 1 100
    R2 3 2 300
    R3 0 4 500
    R4 0 5 200
    VA 3 5 6
    I1 2 4 0.005
    R5 1 0 400

  2. Modify your circuit layout Java program from asgn 10 (Q2). Add a JMenubar with File, Edit, and Help menus. You should be able to add and delete components (resistors, current and voltage sources, and wires) and to select, move, rotate, or edit components. The files you write should be readable by the analysis program in Q1.

  3. Implement the MATLAB notes on numerical solutions of differential equations in a java program. Download MATLAB code from

  4. Improve your robot controller from asgn10 (if necessary) and incorporate it into game1. The goal of the game is to steer the robot to the yellow X as quickly as possible.

  5. Write a Java program to perform Dilation and Erosion on a binary image. See morph1 for MATLAB examples and download, which contains the MATLAB code and the test image shown below.

  6. The file contains a mortar simulation in Java. Modify this program to use Swing components. Also edit the textfields to include initial or suggested values for the parameters, so that you can press the Fire button immediately. Warning: The Java application does not close down properly when run by double-clicking. This behavior is one of the problems you must fix.

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