ECE 538 Assignment 10

Your submission should follow our general guidelines. Please follow object-oriented principles. Include an executable jar file for each program.

  1. Extent your circuit analysis program to handle multiple voltages sources, such as the example below, and calculate the unknown node values. Display your results in a TextArea (see TextAreas in Jama) Format your node variables to distinguish voltages from currents. In the example, there are four nodes and two voltage sources, so the matrix is 6 x 6 and the node values would be:
    V(1) = ***
    V(2) = ***
    V(3) = ***
    V(4) = ***
    I(1) = ***
    I(2) = ***
    The LTSpice version of this circuit can be downloaded from
    R1 1 2 100
    R2 3 4 400
    R3 2 0 500
    R4 4 0 200
    VA 1 0 9
    VB 3 2 5

  2. Modify your Java program from asgn 9 (Q2) so that you can also select and draw wires. The netlist description of a wire would be
    WIRE  x1 y1 ... xn yn
  3. Modify your earilier image display programs so that you can use a growbox to do the equivalent of imcrop in MATLAB. Your program should write out the cropped image to an output image file.

  4. Modify the robot motion test1 program by adding a controller that allows the user to change the velocity of the robot only by calling the setVelocity method. The goal is to steer the robot around the screen.

  5. Show the family trees for JFrame, JPanel, JLabel, and JButton.

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