ECE 538 Assignment 6

Your submission should follow our general guidelines. Please follow object-oriented principles.

  1. Create a dialog box, similar to that below, that will allow you to create a new resistor object or modify an existing resistor object. Your test program should demonstrate both capabilities. This dialog box will be used in later problems.

  2. Modify an image processing program (such as ImageShow2) to convert a grayscale image to a binary image, by converting the input image to grayscale (if necessary) and applying a threshold value obtained from a dialog box.
  3. Write a Java program that allows you to create, select and move resistors around the screen. See MouseDemo for some ideas. You should extend objects created in earlier assignments.
  4. Modify so that it captures sequences of Path objects, e.g. MoveTo - LineTo - LineTo - ... This will form the start of constructing WIRE objects for circuit layout.

  5. Modify so that it behaves the same as the Swing version You may be able to use code in the JavaFX Rectangle class, or borrow some of my code from

  6. The file contains a mortar simulation in Java. Modify this program to use Swing components. Also edit the textfields to include initial or suggested values for the parameters, so that you can press the Fire button immediately. Warning: The Java application does not close down properly when run by double-clicking. This behavior is one of the problems you must fix.

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