ECE 533 Computer Design Assignment 8

  1. How does the NiosII toolset handle long long arithmetic? Note that long long refers to 64-bit integers. Trace an example program to answer the question. This example shows how to use long long in a c program.

  2. How does NiosII handle integer division by zero? Trace a sample program to answer the question.

  3. Run the dhrystone benchmark on your PC and on a Nios II system. I would guess you should get the same results as I did for Nios II.

  4. Write a program to increment a counter if KEY3 is pressed and decement the counter if KEY2 is pressed, using an interrupt service routine.

  5. Design a control system for a Nios II process with multiple steps: instruction fetch (F), decode (D), execute (E), memory load/store (M), and writeback (W) stages. Try to make each stage no longer than 20 ns, but it is more important to make it work than to make it fast.

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