ECE 533 Computer Design Assignment 5

  1. In the last assignment, exercise 3, you wrote a C program to demonstrate addition/subtraction and the logic operations. Rewrite this program in assembly language, eliminating all data memory references (no load/store instructions). Instead, use registers for working storage. Run the program on the PIC32 and the Nios II (using the simulators). This will require two separate versions of the assembly source. Verify that the program runs by submitting screen shots, where appropriate.

  2. Run one or more of the C-Programs for bit fields on the Nios II system. Explain how the Nios II system handles bitfields.

  3. Modify the C Program that decodes MIPS I-format and R-format instructions so that it decodes Nios II instructions. Document that your program works correctly. Use either the Nios II or PIC32 platform with debug print statements.

  4. Modify the test version of the Verilog ALU module to check that it handles unsigned integer addition and subtraction correctly, and that it correctly identifies negative results for (unsigned) A - (unsigned) B.

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