TMS320C3X DSP Starter Kit (DSK)

TMS320C3x DSK Board

Key Features

DSK Application Files

Download the zip archive to obtain the following files.

The 'C3x DSK Assembler generates machine language DSK files from assembler language ASM source files.

The 'C3x DSK Debugger can load and execute code with single-step, breakpoints, and run time halt capabilities.

Loader/Bootloader utility that will either load or bootload a DSK, COFF or HEX file to the DSK. Also includes a FILE2HEX converter and NOLOAD option.

TMS320C3x DSK Communications and debug kernel source code

TMS320C3x Memory mapped register definitions

DSK Stand-alone Demos

Stand alone AIC code for either analog loop back or sawtooth signal generation. The mode is changed by a code variable.

Stand alone code showing a code loop which calculates 32 bit random numbers.

A 16 tap FIR filter example implementing the Z transform for s simple comb filter:

A piece of looped code that calls various math functions for evaluation. Includes inverse float, square root, log2 and ultra-fast log2. These math functions are written for readability not for speed. By using the debugger and utility interfaces the functions can be analyzed to determine how they work. Read the notices contained within the source file for more information.

Stand alone code for making the LED toggle R-G-R-G

DSK Notes

The following files contain the most recent versions of the DSK software

File NameSizeDateDescription / File Information
exe_122.zip1.2 MBDec 17, 1997 EXE files for C3x DSK beta version 1.22
src_122.zip1.0 MBFeb 19, 1998 Source files for C3x DSK beta version 1.22 2


Maintained by John Loomis, last updated 13 Jan 1999